The following is a sequence of life events that we are attempting to put together:

29th Dec 1907 - Birth of Ranbir Singh

1915 - First short story written by Ranbir Singh, at the age of 9, while he was sitting in the Mahanton ka Bagh in Jallalpur Jattan

13th April 1923 - Daily Milap started in Lahore by Khushal Chand

Till 1931 - Ranbir Singh, then an LL.B student was sentenced to be hung for his role in the Lahore Conspiracy Case as a freedom fighter (this sentence was later commuted to imprisonment)

28th November 1934 - Married to Sushila, daughter of Lala Dhani Ram Bhalla

4th May 1936 - Ranbir Singh and Sushila became parents of a girl named Prabodh Bala

11th Dec 1942 - Ranbir Singh and Sushila became parents of a second daughter named Vijay Mala

13th Aug 1947 - Ranbir Singh seriously wounded and brought in an unconscious condition to India - this was just before the partition of India and Pakistan (the two countries were created a couple of days later - August 15th and August 14th respectively)

1952 - Ranbir Singh's first journey abroad. This started a series of articles which he would write addressed first to his younger daughter and later to his brothers

(All these articles were published in the Daily Milap. It has to be borne in mind that back then, there were no travel agencies in India and people who had studied or gone overseas were made to go through a strict "re-Hindu'ising" process in case they had been touched by anything except the holy water of the Ganges)

1958 - Ranbir Singh visited Pakistan at the invitation of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, then President of Pakistan

1965 - Ranbir Singh visited the then USSR and wrote his award-winning book, "Panch Parmeshwar ke Karam Bhumi". (The actual working place of the sacred five who rule the land) - For this, he was awarded the Nehru Soviet Peace Prize

1966 - The visit to Tashkent was with the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri who became the only Indian Prime Minister to have died overseas (prior to political reaction on giving back Hajipir to Pakistan after the 1965 Indo-Pak War

1968 - Ranbir Singh visited Egypt and wrote the famous "Neel Ki Dulhan". (The Bride Of The Nile)

1975 - Ranbir Singh had written "Yug Purshya Guru Govind Singh". This was acclaimed and awarded recognition in a ceremony held at Anandpur Sahib, India