Khushal Chand Khursand, Munshi Ganesh Das and Ranbir Singh holding his elder daughter, Prabodh Bala. This was published in the Milap as a photograph that showed three fathers, two grand-fathers, a great grand-father, a great grand-daughter, a grand-daughter and a daughter. What was visible, less the writer's imagination, was just four faces, but it made history at that time and also started a trend in which four generations would henceforth get themselves photographed


Mahasya Khushal Chand with his wife Mela Devi, soon before he took sanyas in Yamunagar


1934 - when Rabindranath Tagore came to Lahore and stayed with Lala Dhani Ram Bhalla (the proprietor of Bhalla Shoe Co) and stayed with him at his Nava Kot residence as his guest. From left, first row standing, Shri Balraj Bhalla, Shri Yodh Raj Bhalla (who later became the Managing Director of Punjab National Bank). Seated, Mahatma Hans Raj Bhalla and Rabindranath Tagore. Last row, Khushal Chand, Ranbir Singh, Lala Dhani Ram Bhalla and Shri Harikishanji Bhalla


Ranbir Singh himself (a father, a husband, a father-in-law, a grandfather, a revolutionary/freedom fighter, a newspaper editor, an author...)


With the then President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed from the mid-seventies


An early picture of the Milap Family