Ms. Vijay Mala Goel was the younger daughter of Ranbir and had the writer's genes inherited from her father. She was a prolific writer, basically, of humour and had to her credit, a large number of published short stories, articles and plays.

The following was written by her about her father and the Daily Milap.

Milap was not founded instantaneously, it needed sustained effort and tenacity of purpose.

Unlike his other two brothers, Mahashay Khushal Chand, was not well versed at books. He was not even a matriculate at the time when he reported what Mahatama Hans Raj Bhalla (a prominent reformist, educationist and a social worker of the Arya Samaj) (Many colleges and schools have been named after this prominent personality). (Hans Raj College of Lahore has been shifted after the partition of India and Pakistan, to the north Campus of Delhi University) had spoken to a congregation at an evening before, when he had visited Jallal pur Jattan.

The next day, at dawn, Khushal Chand was ready with the report which he had prepared and with great humility asked the reverend Hans Raj to see it. The Mahtama was amazed at what he saw. He asked the youth if he knew short-hand and at getting a no for an answer asked him then how could he recall and write verbatim, "by memory" he was told. At that time Ganesh Das ji entered and when he was asked about Khushal Chand he admitted that he was his son and had been given a socks and vests producing factory since the soda water bottle plant he had installed earlier to provide a means of livelihood to his son had failed. Mahatma Hans Raj said that better work awaits Khushal in Lahore and that he will inform the father as to when he should send his son, provided he had no reservations. All this was quickly agreed to and work went on as usual for 2 months in the socks and vests factory when finally the letter arrived and Khushal Chand left Jallal pur Jattan forever. Once in Lahore, Khushal Chand did not get the post of editor or sub-editor immediately. He went to the Arya Gazette Office where he was asked about his educational qualifications and since they were not up to the required standard, he was given a job where he handled accounts.

Now arithmetic was not what he had planned for, but it was work, the salary was very handsome, Rs 30 per month, a Re a day, a very handsome salary in those days, but much to the dismay of the young enthusiast, most of his salary went to pay for the "over-looking" he had done in the accounts with the result that he had to survive only on channas, grams for a month, then plain rotis from the hotel run by the father of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and finally when Mahatama HansRaj saw a lean thin man in Khushal Chand, he was aghast. He wanted to know as to what was the cause of this pathetic state of the young lad from Jallalpur. When he found out he hastily had the youth transferred to the writing department and from then onwards, life was not a struggle for food.In 1923 Milap was started on a bright Baisakhi day, the 13 of April. Very soon it became a household name and people from various walks of life joined in writing as correspondents of Daily Milap. Some of the readers soon became reporters also and wrote just to see that their area, their name was displayed. Milap was flourishing and to add to the success story there was the sacrifice which Ranbir Singh made. He brought fame to the paper and recognition followed.. Entertainment and reading have a close connection. The cinema and theatre industry was flourishing and when they saw a ready media they went ahead with what they had to say. From Peshawar, Prithvi Theatres with the founder being Prithvi Raj Kapoor himself, found a steady friend in Ranbir. In order to give their friendship a name, Prithvi Raj Kapoor named his eldest son, Ranbir Raj Kapoor. (Ranbir Raj Kapoor was popular as the Charlie Chaplin of Bollywood, his famous smiling face with the sadness of centuries reflected in his deep penetrating eyes, he was famous as Raj Kapoor, but the legacy of the name Ranbir being in the family has been remembered in his grandson's name, Ranbir, son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, who has been launched in his screen career as Ranbir Kapoor) joined the film industry in Mumbai.In Lahore, people like Ramanand Sagar joined the newpaper as correspondents and reporters. (The maker of the TV serial called Ramayan. India, came to a stand still, traffic disappeared from the busy roads and irrespective of religion Indians watched this mega epic being depicted on the small screen). People like Sahir Ludhyanvi, (a renowned poet of the film industry of India), BR Chopra (producer of the famous serial Mahabharat and many other films) and many others wrote columns for Milap. Ranbir treated them as friends and appreciated their qualities and recognized their contribution and gave them due credit for it.

During this time Ranbir became and stayed as the Chief Editor of Daily Milap and Mahasaya Khushal Chand devoted all his time to spreading the mssage of the Arya Samaj. (Later he took sanyas and was known as Anand Swami Saraswati) Mahatama Hans Raj was still the patron of Milap but now so was Lal Mehar Chand Mahajan (Chief Justice of undivided Punjab) Shri Suraj Bhan (Principal of DAV College Jullundur) Lala Dhani Ram Bhalla. (father-in-law of Ranbir Singh and cousin of Mahatama Hans Raj Bhalla) and Lala Mulk Raj (elder brother of Mahatama Hans Raj).